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Education Counsellors

Academic Advising:

  • Answering questions about programs and courses offered at Vancouver Island University and other educational institutions.
  • Helping you understand VIU's calendar, program guides, and regulations.
  • Assisting in interpreting information about transferring to other institutions.
  • Helping you plan to meet your educational or career goals.
  • Providing information about the tools available for career and program planning so you can clarify your goals.

If you feel that you have particular barriers - for example, you are on income assistance or haven't completed high school - call us for an appointment at 250-746-3509.

It is the student’s responsibility to choose courses and programs to meet career or educational objectives.

Learning Skills Counselling:

If you have any concerns about managing your work load, study habits, or need some help organizing you can get some help from a Learning Skills Counsellor.

Personal Counselling (for enrolled students):

  • Can help you resolve personal issues that are getting in the way of achieving your goals.
  • Provide school related counselling – help you become more effective in managing your time, stress, exam anxiety, and difficulties with concentration or motivation.
  • Provide career and education counselling – assist with decision making and provide career tests (for a fee) to help you clarify your goals. There is a minimal fee for career interest testing.
  • Crisis Counselling: We assist in a crisis by identifying resources that are available to you and providing support. Tell us if it is a crisis, so we can see you quickly.